Saturday, June 29, 2013

Join the Outreach Services Roundtable Team!

Let’s connect with other Librarians across the state of Wisconsin! Join the Outreach Services Roundtable and help us connect with each other and our patrons. We also have opportunities to serve on the OSRT board next year! If you are interested in joining the wonderful work of outreach as our OSRT Chair-Elect or as Secretary, contact Cassie Payne, current OSRT chair, at payne(at)
The Outreach Services Chair-Elect is a three year term beginning in 2014 as Chair-Elect, continuing in 2015 as Chair, and finishing in 2016 as Past Chair. The first year is a time to get your feet wet - meet everyone, observe, and assist the current Chair before taking the reins in 2015.
The Outreach Services Secretary is a two year term beginning in 2014 and continuing into 2015. The secretary takes minutes during board meetings and posts information to the OSRT website and blog when requested.

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