Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Any Interest in Aztecs?

AZTEC STORIES is coming to the greater CHICAGO AREAS – OCT. 7th – Oct. 13th 2012!
Aztec Stories is a cultural, educational, musically interactive presentation for all ages!  Through the mediums of music, oral tradition stories, poetry and narratives, Michael brings the ancient world of the Mexica/Aztec people alive and makes learning about this great culture fun and engaging!
Michael, and his supporting musician Sandy, bring over 30 hand-made indigenous instruments to demonstrate and share with audience members.  Instruments such as; Huehuetl drums, Teponaztli drums, Mayan Bubalek gourd water drums, numerous clay (Tlapitzalli) flutes, gourd rattles, Atecocolli sea shell trumpets, turtle shell drums, and more. Audience members will have the opportunity to play many of these instruments while learning about their significance.
During this tour I will be sharing information relative to the season. Since this is also during the harvest season I will share information on native foods (the Seven Warrior Foods) as well as referencing native knowledge regarding the topic of Micailhuitl – Dia de Los Muertos / Day of the Dead.
Q & A is always welcome at our presentations and encouraged.
It is our goal is to reintroduce this beautiful culture in a manner that makes those connected to this indigenous culture proud of their heritage and for those that are not connected (genetically) to come away with a greater appreciation and understanding of the great Mexica/Aztec culture. Embracing differences allows you to see the similarities – we are one!
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